Students have contrasting opinions on the Super Bowl match-up


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This year’s Super Bowl provides an unusual match up that has generated different opinions among students.

The Super Bowl is coming up and the matchup will show two quarterbacks in their first Super Bowl: Joe Burrow with the Cincinnati Bengals and Matthew Stafford from the Los Angeles Rams.

There are some people who think the Bengals are going to win but others who think that the Rams are going to come out on top. “The Los Angeles Rams [will win]. I believe that their defensive line is better than the offensive line. I think their offense is better rounded. I think there is going to be too much competition for the Bengals,” 12th grader Peter McBride said.

When the playoffs began everybody expected the Rams and Bengals to be out the first round. No one could imagine that these two teams would make it to the Super Bowl. some people who like the matchup but some people are not excited by it. “I do like this matchup. I like that Joe Burrow was an underdog all season and made it to the big game,” McBride said.

Both of the teams have very good offenses, and know how to come back. In the playoffs both of these teams were down by massive deficits but were able to fight their way back to get the win. “I would rather have the Vikings be in, but the matchup we have will be very entertaining,” McBride said.

People expect this to be a really good, evenly matched game. Both these teams have a lot to prove as well as their quarterbacks. It really should be a good game with all the offense power and both teams lighting up the scoreboard. “I think each team will score about 30 points each because the teams are pretty even,” junior Daniel Gelling said.

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