The GOAT Hangs ‘Em Up


The Boston Globe, Fair Use

Tom Brady waving goodbye to the crowd of his former home in New England.

The recent news of the legendary Tom Brady’s retirement shook the NFL world this Tuesday, however, his impact on the sport of football and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Tom Brady broke the awaited news to the NFL world on Instagram Tuesday morning that he is officially retiring from football. In his farewell message, Brady thanked the city of Tampa Bay, his teammates and coaches throughout his career, the ownership of the Bucs, and finally his wife and children. However, many people took notice of the absence of New England or anything about the Patriots in his address. His failure to mention anything New England related was very surprising considering all the memories he made on and off the field as a patriot.

His family may be his biggest reason for hanging up the cleats, Brady explained, saying he is ready to be more present as a father and husband and stated in his address that, “Our family is my greatest achievement.” At the age of 44, retirement was somewhat expected from Brady, however, NFL fans are sad to see the legend officially leave the game after an illustrious 22 year career. As the football world begins to reminisce about Tom Brady’s unimaginable time spent as a quarterback, there should be no debate—Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time.

The success Brady was able to have paired with the longevity of his career should leave no room for anyone else in the GOAT debate. The stats and accolades tied to Brady’s name are jaw dropping, but here are just some of the awards he’s racked up throughout his 22 year career: seven time Super Bowl Champion, five-time SB MVP, three-time NFL MVP and has won more playoff games himself than 27 other NFL franchises. He also holds the record for the most passing touchdowns, passing yards, completions, total wins, pro bowls, superbowl wins and appearances, conference championships, and the list goes on, and on, and on. His tenure spent as a quarterback has been nothing short of a storybook career. Brady won his first Super Bowl in just his second season in the league, making him the second youngest QB to ever win “The Big Game.” 19 years later, Brady solidified his legendary status even more by becoming the oldest player to win a Superbowl at 43.

He finished his career in typical Tom Brady fashion, leading the NFL in touchdowns and passing yards at the conclusion of the regular season. To many, his success hinted that he would be returning for future seasons. Regardless, the sure fire hall-of-famer served as a role model for an entire generation of football players and will go down as the greatest football player, and possibly athlete, of all time.