The Battle of the best BSM learning spaces


Courtesy of BSM

One of the most popular study spaces amongst students: the Cube!

As the school year progresses, students continue to fill up the learning spaces that BSM provides. Unlike last year, many collaborative learning spaces have opened up and are now being used to their full potential. Due to social distancing guidelines, certain areas in the learning spaces were closed off for the safety of BSM students. Along with the Cube the library also had spaces restricted, only allowing two people to a table instead of four. BSM offers a wide variety of innovative learning centers where students can study, meet with teachers, catch up on missing work, etc. The Atrium, Commons, library, and the Cube are all popular spaces amongst students.

The Cube is a popular workspace amongst many students for a couple of its amenities: comfortable chairs, study rooms, 3D printers, TVs, booths, couches, and whiteboards. The Cube provides a comfortable learning environment that many students enjoy; it’s rarely empty and students relish in the area which invites social collaboration. Daniel Ijadimbola, a senior, spends time in the Cube watching basketball film, studying, and working with other students. “It’s just a great environment and I get a lot of work done here,” Ijadimbola said.

Students aren’t allowed to be in the learning spaces by themselves, teachers must be in there to supervise. One teacher in charge of overlooking the Cube for a period is Ms. Vroman, who worries about the work getting done. “Maybe 30% of them get their work done in the Cube and about 70% of them socialize,” Vroman said.

Maybe 30% of them get their work done in the Cube and about 70% of them socialize

— Vroman

The Cube may be one of the top-rated places to work for its comfortable and synergetic environment, but some students favor quieter areas such as the library. Located at the front of the school and open after school hours, students can enjoy the peaceful library atmosphere. With sky-high windows, open space, and a plethora of seating options, the library offers the perfect study space. The library, unlike the Cube, is a quiet study area where many students go to work in peace. Students like freshmen Maceo Phillips find they’re most productive in the quiet environment. “I like working in the library because you have to be quiet and there’s usually not a lot of people in there,” Phillips said.

Although the Atrium is considered a learning space for all BSM students, oftentimes it’s filled with a class and is unavailable. This issue has turned away some students including Jo Lealos. It provides lots of natural light with its tall ceilings and skylight windows. The Atrium also has pillows and areas to sprawl out if that’s how certain students prefer to learn. “I choose to work in the Atrium because there’s usually no one there and it’s really quiet. But I don’t work there anymore because there are classes there,” Lealos said.