“The Beatles: Get Back” is a documentary you can’t miss


Courtesy of IMDb

The Beatles Get Back.

“The Beatles: Get Back” documentary has come out exclusively on Disney Plus. The documentary features the final album that The Beatles released as a group. It shows the creation in a series of music sessions within the group. The series has been intriguing so far as viewers are able to get an inside look on one of the greatest music groups of all time as well as inside the minds of the members within it.

The actual footage inside of the brainstorming of songs is incredible to see how easily they are able to take each other’s ideas and integrate them into song. Each of them writes their own songs at night and during the day they each experiment with them and the rest of the band plays along to the tune and from there create their songs. It is interesting to watch because we hear songs that are eventually produced in their earliest stages. As they experiment, however, we hear these songs slightly off-tune. This made it frustrating as well because as we watch today, we know what it should sound like and want them to get it right.

In the documentary, we see that Paul McCartney is the clear leader among the group as he coordinates most of the songs and critiques the other members by trying to show what he envisions the music to sound like. Throughout the episode, we can see that George Harrison becomes increasingly annoyed with the group, especially McCartney, for not listening to his ideas and focusing on their own. By the end of the first part, of three in the series, Harrison says that he would like to quit the band and walks out on the seventh day. This was somewhat satisfying for me to see because Harrison finally had the spine to try to implement his own ideas and take action about being shut down.

Throughout the documentary, we see that Yoko Ono likes to be involved in everything the band does: she sits in on playing sessions, speaks with the band regarding future plans, and is always with John Lennon. Many think that Yoko Ono is the reason that the group broke up and in The Beatles: Get Back, we are able to see her connection with the group and the context to these accusations. Knowing that she was a rumored reason why the band split up, it was very aggravating seeing her at every session without letting the band work on their own.

The camera angles within the studio and the clear dialogue make the documentary seem almost scripted in the way that the camera cuts between who’s talking and the way they speak to each other. Every part of the Beatles’ playing of new songs is recorded from multiple angles making it look like a movie because of the perfect spots we can see from each conversation they have.

Overall, I recommend Get Back because it is one of the few times we are able to get an exclusive inside look on lyrical and musical genius of the Beatles. It is very entertaining and makes you feel as if you are sitting in with the band. The one part I don’t like are the transitions between scenes which is more of an editorial critique, but the content is great especially for a documentary. Get Back is a documentary you cannot miss.