Season four of “Cobra Kai” Encompasses greatness


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Good vs evil, it all gets settled at the All Valley tournament.

The Karate Kid is a classic movie from the 80s, focusing on the art of karate, and the morals that come with it. The movie follows a teenage boy named Daniel Larusso who learns from his sensei, Mr. Myagi, who teaches him the ways of karate, and becomes one of his greatest role models. The antagonist is the evil and sadistic Cobra Kai, who teaches its students to strike first, strike hard, and show no mercy. In Cobra Kai, the show follows the arch nemesis of Daniel, Johnny Lawrence, who is an ex member of Cobra Kai. Johnny is the underdog we can’t help but root for. Cobra Kai takes place in present time, but the competition between the two from the past is brought to life, in addition to new younger generations of karate. In this show there is a different perspective than the original Karate Kid, and Johnny Lawrence becomes the star of the show.

In season 4 of Cobra Kai, Daniel and Johnny put aside their differences, and fight for one common goal: to get rid of Cobra Kai for good. They do this by combining their dojos Miagi Do and Eagle Fang into one. I really like this addition to the story, and it’s very satisfying to see the two former enemies work together for once and get a glimpse of each others’ very different outlooks on karate.

The biggest twist of this season is the addition of a new character, Terry Silver. Terry Silver was formally introduced in Karate Kid III. Terry was the co-owner of Cobra Kai, who treated the students brutally, and basically went mad. Cobra Kai is taken to a whole new level with Terry. Training is more intense, there are new outlooks on how to learn karate, and showing no mercy is taken to the extreme. Terry also was in the Vietnam war with Kreese, and they have been lifelong friends. Kreese is the current sensai at Cobra Kai and the past season’s villain. Terry is living the life as a man who has it easy, living the good life, and spending his time with fellow preppy friends. Kreese finds Terry, and asks him to leave his lifestyle, and come back to Cobra Kai. Hesitant at first, Terry finally agrees to join and become a sensei once again. As Kreese says, “Cobra Kai Never Dies”.

Through this season, there is a similar theme that there has been in the past seasons:competition, past rivalry, relationships, and of course drama. Something new about this season is getting to know more about some characters most have hated for the majority of the other seasons. We get to know more about Tory Nichols, student at Cobra Kai, and why she is the way she is. There is also some character development when it comes to Kreese.

This show is addicting in every way, the characters are all so contrasting, the friendships are always changing, and the humor is always on point. This typical feel good, action packed comedy/drama is sure to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat, as you watch an old classic make its way back into the hearts of many.

Cobra Kai currently has glowing ratings and currently has a rating of 95% and its rating on IMDb is 8.6. The numbers speak for themselves and all ages can enjoy this reboot with a twist.