Toys for Tots 2021

This year, BSM is holding a Toys for Tots drive, in which students and faculty members can all participate in bringing unwrapped toys for kids around the Twin Cities area.

Toys for Tots is an organization run by the United States Marine Corps, in which people can donate toys. The toys are then given to parents this holiday season, who cannot afford to buy gifts for their children. “If you would like your family to receive gifts, there’s just an application [where] you go online and you fill it out,” Ms. Lenhart said, who helped set up Toys for Tots here at BSM.

BSM is actively trying to open up ways for the Red Knight community to help the people around them. Toys for Tots was a great and simple way to get students and teachers helping those in need in their community. “It’s within each of us to discern what role we want to play in this world as a student and as an employee,” Lenhart said.

As a Catholic school, giving students opportunities to donate and be good people is important, e finding ways now that Covid-19 has changed how BSM functions as a school. Especially right now, Toys for Tots numbers have been low, and not as many donations have been coming in, right now is a pivotal point in which donating would be very meaningful. “I’m really hoping that BSM as a community, we can step up,” says Lenhart.

While donating to Toys for Tots, all toys are acceptable, but this year BSM is focusing on gifts for teenagers. Gifts for teenagers are in very high demand which is why BSM chose the theme this year. “I think people just find teenagers hard to buy for. I think as kids get older, their gifts get more expensive,” Lenhart said.

There are many gifts though, that all teenagers would enjoy. At BSM, the common basket members have created signs all across the school with reasonable priced gift ideas. These can help spark some ideas in which to donate.

Students of many grades and reasons for giving, have donated this year to Toys For Tots. “I donated to Toys for Tots because I love receiving gifts for Christmans, so I wanted to give back to others and give them the same opportunity to experience the joy of getting toys. I wanted to help others have a great Christmas, even if it was in a small way,” Allison Cachet said.

Senior Emily Zagaros feels that normally Toys for Tots is for little children, and they are easier to shop for. This year because it’s for teens, it inspires people to put a little more thought and effort into their gifts. “It’s always been a good cause that we’ve supported, and this year I thought it was especially cool since it was toys for teens,” Zagaros said.