The battle of Taher’s granola bars


Brook Wenande

The infamous and diverse selection of granola bars at Taher!

The various types of granola bars Taher sells are always a hot commodity during the lunch rush of the fifth and six period. There are a few that stand out and the student body lets us in on their favorites.

When students in C lunch were asked what granola bars were most commonly out of stock by the time they were eating, the top four answers were the “NuGo Dark Bar,” “NuGo Chocolate Bar,” “Kellogg Protein Bar,” and “Chocolate Chip Chewy Bar.” When speaking to students about what they expected the most popular granola bar to be there were some very strong opinions. “This shouldn’t even be a contest, if the NuGo Chocolate Bar doesn’t win you need to redo the survey,” senior Brady Wine said.

The survey for the “Best Granola Bar Taher Sells” was sent out to all of the student body, there was a total of 127 responses in which by what Wine would consider incorrect the Chocolate Chip Chew Bar took the majority with almost 50% of the votes. This granola bar has been around for years and is well known outside of BSM’s school lunches. Despite its small stature and lacking nutritional value its flavor is what keeps it’s consumers coming back. “It’s so tasty and fills me up, and it’s a good snack to eat before an activity to fill your stomach,” senior Vince Ferris said.

Although it lost to the Chewy Bar, the NuGo Dark Bar is well liked among the student body. It’s chocolate coating and pretzel inside is what makes it so enticing to many during the lunch hour, but many pick it up because of the advertised “12 grams of protein” which makes it seem like a healthier option for many students. Compared to the chewy bar the Dark Bar is bigger and is advertised to be the healthier option. “It’s the best thing on earth and it fills you up. It has crunchy pretzels on the inside and I love dark chocolate so it is perfect for me,” sophomore Olivia Olson said.