Meet BSM’s 2021 Grand Knights


Courtesy of @bsmredknights Instagram

Grand Knights Emerson Foley and Elizabeth Dietzen after being nominated by their fellow classmates.

As we look back on the week of A December to Remember, BSM student council thoroughly planned dress up themes, scavenger hunts, and awards to gain involvement from the BSM community, specifically, the Grand Knight award. The senior class votes for two students, one boy and one girl that demonstrate the most school spirit. This could include someone who cares for fellow classmates, often shows their face at BSM sporting events, and someone who always has good energy in the hallways.

The 2021 Grand Knights were announced on Monday, December 6th through zoom. As homeroom teachers live streamed the event on the promethean board to their class, members of the student council trotted around campus to the sounds of Christmas music. When they arrived at the winner’s homeroom, the student was shown on video and awarded a festive Santa hat to wear throughout the remainder of the day.

The first Grand Knight award went to senior Emerson Foley. Foley is well known around the school for his involvement in the numerous athletic clubs BSM offers including cross country, tennis, track and field, drone club, and hockey. In addition, he engages in medical club, NHS, link crew, student council, and RKVC. On top of these extracurriculars, he is known for his prestigious studies and determination to excel in the classroom. In order for Foley to receive the Grand Knight award, he was kicked out of his own student council homeroom by wellness teacher Mr. Johnston, and at that point Emerson knew something was up and he had a solid chance at winning the award. “I appreciated the backing by my classmates,” Foley said.

When voting from the pool of boys, senior Avery Junker handed her vote to Foley, a student who, according to Junker, really embodies what a Red Knight should be. The little things that he does like participating in class dress up days and radiating a positive attitude contribute to making BSM an enjoyable school. Junker was excited to see her friend be recognized for such a great award. “I think it is really important to recognize students like Emerson and Elizabeth who are really kind, great people, and who work hard to support their classmates and school,” Junker said.

I think it is really important to recognize students like Emerson and Elizabeth who are really kind, great people, and who work hard to support their classmates and school

— Junker

Followed by Emerson Foley was senior Elizabeth Dietzen. Dietzen is involved in activities like girls’ soccer, ping pong, track and field, and even founded her own club here at BSM: Spanish Club. She can also be seen at a lot of sporting events cheering positively for the school. As her involvement with BSM activities grew, she became a well known student here, not only by the seniors, but also by underclassmen. As surprised as she was to win this award, it was an exciting accomplishment of hers. “It made me feel special because it shows that they [students] look up to me. I was honored and it’s something I’ll always remember,” Dietzen said.

Dietzen is liked by many of her classmates, including senior Caroline Braun. The two of them always have positive interactions in the hallways and many times will see each other at school related events. Dietzen is admired for the overall balance she portrays in her busy life. “She works very hard in school while maintaining a busy extracurricular schedule,” Braun said.

Both of these students show exceptional leadership in the halls of BSM. They exemplify what it means to balance school, sports, and involvement in their community here. Although many students fit the criteria for the Grand knight award, the senior class can all agree that the award went where it was deserved. Next time you attend a BSM hockey game, be sure to look out for these two, who both agreed that hockey games are their favorite events to attend. Congratulations to the 2021 Grand Knights, Emerson Foley and Elizabeth Dietzen!