Fifa 22 just might be the new game for you


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Is Fifa 22 the new Game for you and your gaming habits?

EA came out with another exciting new Fifa game on October 1, 2021, and fans are already enjoying playing.

Fifa 22 is a video game based on soccer that includes football clubs all over the world. Fifa 22 had big expectations to live up to Fifa 21, as the EA fan base really liked Fifa 21. Fifa 21 was very popular and received a 7/10 from IGN. As most people know, sports games are relatively the same every year because they are based on the same thing every year, so what are the improvements of Fifa 22, and why should you buy it?

The biggest addition to Fifa 22 this year are the new nex gen capabilities. With the new series of game consoles, the players in the game have been programmed to have more realistic actions in the game than ever before. This has made the game a little slower paced, but, overall, very realistic. One of the major movement changes was made to the goalkeepers. The goalkeeper save animations were greatly improved and are quite unpredictable this year. However, this feature has upset some players who are finding it too hard to score. “It’s very hard to score, it feels like you have to work harder for goals. Shots that used to go in don’t, and it feels like the net has gotten smaller from closer up,” senior Camden Carter said.

Fifa 22 offers a variety of game modes such as Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, My career, Play Now, and more. Most of the Fifa community comes from Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs. Ultimate Team is a fun experience that brings you into the football world as a manager. You must complete challenges and take on other Ultimate Teams to earn coins and other rewards. These rewards can be used to complete collections for players or you can take your coins to the transfer market where you can buy players of your choice. This game also allows in-app purchases where players can open packs with a thrill of receiving some of the game’s best cards.

The goal of the game is to build the best club you can, and then take your talents to the field and try your best to reach the top of the Fifa 22 community. “I love to play ultimate teams with friends. The energy is very fun and it’s very exciting to compete online. I love to have big tournaments with my friends. We make bets and it’s very fun,” senior Beans Mcmonagle said.

I love to play ultimate teams with friends. The energy is very fun and it’s very exciting to compete online. I love to have big tournaments with my friends. We make bets and it’s very fun

— Mcmonagle

Pro clubs is another popular game mode that is based around playing the game with a group of friends. The game first allows you to create a custom player built to your liking. You’re then able to create a club with your friends that has some cool features such as customizing your team’s logo, field, uniforms, the rest of the players on your team and more. Once you and your team are ready to get on the field, you queue up for a game in which you play other clubs in online matches. Skill points are earned based on your performance and you can upgrade your custom character.

Ultimately, teamwork is essential in order to win matches and upgrade your club to work your way through all 10 divisions to the top: Division 1. Pro clubs are an overall team experience and can be a blast to play with your friends. “I love to play Pro clubs, it’s a fun way to play win or lose because of the conversations that are made with your friends,” senior Conor Keady said.

Fifa 22 looks very promising so far and everyone is excited to jump into the action. EA is working hard to make unique changes and update the game to player needs. If you are a fan of soccer, Fifa 22 is very fun and might be the game for you. So, grab some friends and check it out!