Emma Peschel, without a doubt, has left her mark on the BSM hockey program


Brook Wenande

Senior Emma Peschel makes U.S. U18 Women’s National Hockey Team!

In her earliest years, Emma Peschel never envisioned that she would have the opportunity to represent her country at the young age of 17 and be committed to one of the top hockey teams in the country, The Ohio State University.

The process started with a camp in July with four full teams of girls competing to make the team in St. Cloud. At the end of that camp, there was an all camp meeting and they announced the girls who were selected to go to the festival in Blaine, MN. That camp had 32 girls, and 5-7 players would be cut from the actual team. Peschel loved the camp with the exception of the length, and their sleeping location. “The downside of this camp was that it was long and the dorms we were staying in weren’t very nice. I don’t think I would be able to survive another night,” Peschel said.

Her parents have always been huge supporters in her hockey career. They have pushed her to be her best, and always been there for her along the way. “My dad had the biggest smile on his face when I told him I made the team, and I don’t think I could’ve done it without him,” Peschel said.

This team has 13 forwards, eight defense, and three goalies rostered for the tournament in Sweden. It will take place from January 8th-15th. “We will look to defend the title from two years ago,” Peschel said.

Of the 24 girls chosen for this tournament, seven of them are from Minnesota, which means that almost a third of all the girls are Minnesotan. It will take place in Linköping, Sweden and they will play various countries such as Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, etc.

This is a rare opportunity for athletes, and Peschel and her parents could not be more excited and proud. “I was very excited and thankful for the opportunity. I was talking to my parents about getting the call and they were extremely excited and proud when I got home and I had a smile on my face,” Peschel said.