BSM students have an array of musical preferences while studying


Courtesy Molly Giertsen

BSM freshman Molly Giertsen listening to country music while studying.

BSM students are divided about which study music is best. Some students think music is distracting while studying, and others think it is soothing. Students listen to rap, rock, hip hop, country, and calming music while studying.

A survey was sent out to all BSM students asking, “What kind of music do you listen to when studying?” In total, 135 students responded. 116 students said they listen to some type of music but, 19 students said they listen to no music at all.

In order to focus, many students like their study environment to be calm. Instrumental music and slow songs can help maintain this environment, and the background music helps keep students on track. 30 percent of the students who filled out the survey said this is the genre they usually go with. “For me, slow songs are really relaxing and are perfect for when I am studying before bed because I can focus but also get calmed down,” sophomore Kate Walesch said.

On the other hand, the survey showed that 25 percent of students from a mixture of grades chose rap, rock, and hip hop as their favorite study music. This is for students who love a lot of background noise while studying. “I usually listen to rap when I am studying because it is my favorite kind of music and it blocks out all other things happening,” senior Brady Yakesh said.

In the middle ground, 10 percent of students like to listen to country music when studying. Country music can be upbeat but also slow and sad, depending on the artist. “I listen to country music when studying because it makes studying less stressful and time goes by faster,” freshman Molly Giertsen said.

Although the majority of students listen to music while studying, 14% of students who responded said they don’t listen to any music at all. They need everything to be silent in order to focus. “I find it distracting when I am studying. I want to focus on what I am studying and I find that it’s harder when I am listening to music because I get distracted easier,” junior Steven Tangney said.