Harry Styles: One of the most influential artists of our generation


Grace Cochrane

Styles’ “Love on Tour” has prompted travel for multiple Red Knights including trips to New York, Tennesee, and Wisconsin.

Harry Styles has been a prominent male celebrity in many young people’s lives in the past 11 years. From being in the huge boy band, One Direction, to becoming one of the most successful male artists of our generation, almost everyone knows who Harry is. He has become an icon as a singer, actor, and model in recent years.

Personally, I have been a huge Harry Styles fan for most of my life, the past 10 years. You can ask all of my friends, as they all know I’ve been a huge fan basically my whole life. My sister showed me the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ video in first grade, and I immediately fell in love with them. After One Direction took hiatus in 2015, Harry was the only one of them that I really kept up with.

Styles’ musical talent is just one of the many things that keeps his fans coming back. After discovering his singing and songwriting talents in the band, Styles and his voice have taken the world by storm. Harry has released two solo albums since 2017, a self-titled album, ‘Harry Styles,’ in 2017, and ‘Fine Line’ in 2019. Harry has also written singles for many other artists. ‘Fine Line’ reached number one on the Billboard top 200 charts. The sound of ‘Fine Line’ is a sound we do not hear much in pop music anymore. With folk, classic pop, rock, and indie pop, this album lands on many people’s favorites lists.

Styles has also expanded his horizons to the big screen. His first film, Dunkirk, was award-winning in 2017. This was his acting debut and I would like to say he did an amazing job. Harry will also be starring in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and ‘My Policeman’, which will be released in the next year. Also, some new news, Styles has joined the Marvel cinematic universe. Playing Eros, Thanos’ brother, Styles made his debut Marvel role in the post-credits scene of the newest Marvel movie ‘Eternals.’

Styles has become an icon for the LGBTQ+ community and others. After being the first solo man on the cover of Vogue while wearing a dress, many people had different opinions and speculations. It really defied all norms and stereotypes placed on an attractive man who started in a boy band. Many people were unhappy that someone who identifies as a male was wearing clothes that are “made for women.” Styles and his team have said multiple times that he really does not care what he wears. He has also had many people label his sexuality, but he has said that it is no one’s business what someone else prefers. This openness has also let Styles be very genuine, which has attracted even more people to his fanbase.

He also openly supported moral issues such as Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ rights. To state his opinion and show this real side of himself is something that a lot of artists are afraid of, and I think this is why many people (including myself) are so attracted to his character. Harry has attended BLM protests and also waves BLM and pride flags on stage at his shows. Styles has shown so many people to not be afraid of who they really are and to just be themselves.

Styles waves a bisexual pride flag while on stage in Nashville. (Grace Cochrane)

For me, I honestly cannot get enough of Harry. I am proud to say I have traveled to multiple cities, including New York City, just to see him. I just got back from his series of Halloween shows that took place at Madison Square Garden. I would do anything to go back to one of his shows. The energy is something you will not feel anywhere else. I have never felt more emotions than in those moments. Hearing songs that have changed my life from a person that has saved my life is something I will never forget.

Styles has also introduced me to some of my best friends ever. Whether that is just getting closer to people over our bond, meeting new people at shows, or meeting people over Twitter and Instagram, I can not be thankful enough for these people in my life. Being at the Halloween shows was so unreal. Being with 20,000 other people who were all there for the same reason and also experiencing it with a ton of people who I have met through Harry.

Styles is someone who is not like a lot of other celebrities right now; he is not afraid to be himself. He is so supportive of his fans and actually cares about them. He preaches to “treat people with kindness,” and will forever be an icon in so many people’s lives.