What High Schools Have the Best Mascot in Minnesota?


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Top 5 best Mascots in the State of Minnesota

High school mascots play an important role when it comes to representing a high school. A school mascot gets students excited during sporting events and other school events. Without a school mascot, schools don’t have as much school spirit.

I vote Moorhead High School as #1 for the best mascot in the state of Minnesota. It’s a potato. I mean who wouldn’t want a potato as their mascot? The sight of a classmate dressed up as a potato will urge your team onto victory.

Second place for the state of Minnesota is the Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossoms, whose mascot wears a suit that looks like an angry flower. I like the alliteration and rhyming of Awesome Blossoms. It’s also a very unique mascot that I haven’t heard of before. If I were playing in a game and heard that their mascot was the Awesome Blossoms, I feel like it would give me a very happy and energizing feeling.

In third place is the Minneapolis Roosevelt Teddies. I think it’s a cute mascot to have on clothing, jerseys, and on the walls around the school.The mascot has a cute, cuddly look to it, but also has a scary look to it. The teddy bear facial expression is scary but his big furry body shows his cuddly look. I would love to have a person jumping around in a teddy bear costume during games.

The fourth best mascot is that of the Fergus Falls Otters. I think the sound of Fergus Falls Otters goes well together. I like the colors of the red and yellow against the brown fur of the otter. The otter is cute in my opinion and I’d like to have him as my mascot.

The final best mascot in the top five in Minnesota is the Wabasso Rabbits. It isn’t a cute and cuddly rabbit, it has a scary look to it with bright red eyes that stand out against the white body. Some mascots have a cute look to it but the Wabasso Rabbits want people to know not to mess with them. I like that it has a scary look to it because during sporting competitions other teams don’t see the Wabasso Rabbits as someone they want to mess with.

Benilde-St.Margaret’s didn’t succeed in the mascot area; nobody even dresses up as a knight. I like it when schools use their mascots during school sporting events to help get kids excited and encourage school spirit. Having a knight as mascot isn’t very unique.