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Are Metaphysics rational, effective, and worth it?

November 6, 2021

Metaphysics display a proven fact of efficacy

Astrology, the study of the relationship between human events and the position of celestial bodies, is a root belief of those who consider themselves spiritual as opposed to religious. People interested in astrology can discover the many aspects of their sign using the time, date, and location of their birth. The sun sign is the most commonly known sign, and this determines your ego, identity, and role. It describes who you are at your core and is determined by the date of your birth. The lesser-known aspects of astrology are the moon sign and the ascendant. Your moon sign reflects your emotional self, mood, and personality. This aspect is determined by the location and date of your birth to calculate the position of the moon at that exact moment. Your ascendant is the version of yourself that you present to other people, which is determined by the exact time that you were born. 

Some critics of astrology may argue that your sign can be twisted to fit nearly anyone and any personality. Your signs do not demand who you have to be, and you do not have to necessarily base your entire life off of your signs. They are merely an explanation or guide. Based on your sign, you are able to access a horoscope which is a prediction for that day, month, or even year. This again can be used as a guide to help you deal with upcoming challenges as well as a reminder of your strengths.

In the end, it all leads back to energy. We as humans all have vibrating energy; a low vibration energy can mean a tendency towards jealousy, anger, and increased anxiety, whereas high vibration energy can mean a tendency towards love and compassion. Many things have the ability to affect our vibration, for example, other people, social media, and weather. There are many ways that people can balance their energy, one of which is through the use of crystals. To many, crystals may seem like colored rocks that somehow carry magical powers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Crystals carry very steady energy (each type of crystal containing a different energy level), and by surrounding ourselves with this stable energy, we are able to increase and stabilize our own energy. Crystals can be purchased at spiritual stores spread across the city, and yes, you can purchase crystals at Patina and Urban Outfitters but that doesn’t make them any less useful. Different types of crystals can be used to stabilize a certain chakra. The body has seven chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. To put this in the simplest terms possible, each chakra refers to different energy points along your spine. Each chakra has a location, meaning, and representative color. 

Through meditation and the use of crystals, you can target certain chakras and increase energy levels. There are many benefits to meditation and the use of crystals, such as relieving stress, controlling anxiety, and an increase of self-awareness. Practicing these methods is valuable for the mind, body, and soul. 

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Metaphysics are nothing more than fiction

Astrology has been viewed as a science, an art, and a sort of divination magic throughout its history. Personal horoscopes are printed by birth date in astrology and give general predictions about a person born under the same horoscope sign’s love life, success, and health. But these signs are inconsistent and vague causing anyone to make it relatable to one’s life. I believe that astrology is fiction and is used for people’s amusement rather than giving actual facts.

People believe in astrology because it provides them a reason for who they are, as well as a purpose for their past, present, and future, alleviating tension and anxiety. But I believe that there are more efficient and more reliable ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Exercise, meditation, talking to a therapist, journaling, taking a bath, and using essential oils are all excellent ways to release stress and are tools that may be used on a regular basis. 

Astrology can be found through different forms like crystals, fortune balls, jewelry, and tarot cards. These are physical objects that are used for comfort and relaxation like a teddy bear. These things are sold at stores such as Patina, Urban Outfitters, and Claire’s in order to generate revenue for the companies rather than to provide items that assist people’s mental health. These objects, in my opinion, detract from meditation and what it is supposed to do. These give individuals false hope and cause them to develop an unhealthy attachment. They’re adorable and look great in your room or as jewelry, but I believe there are other ways to deal with stress and anxiety than astrology.

Chakras refer to different energy points in the body to focus on in meditation to help resolve specific stressors. I believe that energy is formed by the body’s food and nutrition, rather than by Chakras. What you eat gives you energy to accomplish your daily activities, making you more productive and allowing you to focus on physical and mental challenges if necessary. Other established methods for increasing energy include getting enough sleep, taking vitamins, exercising, drinking coffee, and going outside. 

I feel that believing in spiritual things is beneficial, but in this situation, I believe that the use of crystals and other astrology-related items has become an unhealthy preoccupation that has blinded people from discovering actual and consistent coping techniques. 

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