“The Guilty” will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time

The Guilty is one of Netflixs newest, and most unpredictable, releases.

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The Guilty is one of Netflix’s newest, and most unpredictable, releases.

The Guilty is not what you expect it to be. Netflix originals always seem so predictable, but this is not like the others. Plot twists seem like they never stop.

The movie begins dramatically, introducing Joe Baylor, played by Jake Gyllenhall. It has a serious tone because it is a sad movie. The whole movie is filmed in one location and Joe Baylor is practically the only character. There are some smaller characters, like officers, that are occasionally seen. The characters in the conflict are never seen on screen; you can only hear them. I think not seeing the characters that were on the phone with Joe Baylor gives a better sense of imagination. Not seeing the characters lets you put anyone into the story.

Since The Guilty is about abduction and murder, it is not a movie for younger eyes. Another sensitive topic brought up during the film is the wildfires in California. This becomes an issue within the movie because the police can’t find the woman who is suspected to be in danger, Emily.

Joe receives the 911 call that Emily was abducted by her ex-husband. After some digging, Joe finds that Emily’s ex-husband is also an ex-convict. This discovery prompts Joe to be filled with anger, on top of the rage that his character has due to things happening at home and work. It is then revealed how Joe got to be a 911 operator. He was put on phone duty because he killed a teenage boy for seemingly no reason. He’s having family problems, and he talks on the phone with his wife as he is going through a custody battle. This is what gives him such a personal connection to the call he gets.

He moves to his own room and stays over time just to follow this case. He manages to make a personal connection with the abducted and the abductee. This part I can’t spoil, you have to go watch. If you’re looking for something that isn’t scary but definitely keeps you on your toes, The Guilty is the movie for you. It’s a quick watch and won’t leave you disappointed.