Fans are happy to be Back at BSM Sporting Events


Courtesy of Official BSM Instagram

BSM students are happy to be back supporting at sports events this year.

After the pandemic barred them from attending last year, fans are now allowed back at BSM sporting events.

This fall season, fans can attend events such as football, soccer, and volleyball games. These students bring energy and competition to the stands. Teams are hoping to build off this energy and have successful fall seasons. “We hope we can perform and win games in front of the fans this fall,” senior soccer captain Tenekay Johnson Jr. said.

Fan energy is a big part of high school sports. The visiting schools can get flustered and feel under pressure. Chants and loud cheers help the home team play with more energy. “Hearing the roar of the fans at games keeps my energy and adrenaline up,” junior football player Will Frattalone said.

Because of the pandemic, many high school teams missed out on fans’ energy. The seniors were disappointed they had to end their season. “Players lost a joy for the game that we all had for the previous years due to the dull environment at our games,” Frattalone said.

Watching a sports game in the stands is different than watching a game online. The energy, cheers, and student section cannot be replicated. “Having to watch your friends play on a live stream was not nearly as fun as being at the game cheering them on,” senior Mitch Dokman said.

Having to watch your friends play on a live stream was not nearly as fun as being at the game cheering them on

— Mitch Dokman

Fan turnout has been high this year. After a year off, students want to attend as many games as possible. “No matter what the outcome of the game is, we want to be there and support the teams because we were not allowed to last year. For my senior year I want to embrace the high school experience, which includes attending sporting events and participating in extracurricular activities,” Dokman said.