It may not be new, but it’s still well worth the watch: “Friday Night Lights” Season One


Friday Night Lights, Amazon, fair use

Friday Night Lights is a timeless classic television show.

Friday Night Lights is a show that has been around for years. Of all the shows that have been taken off of Netflix, this is one that has stood the test of time. The sports action combined with the off-field drama makes for a fascinating viewing.

The season starts off with The Dillon Panthers preparing for their upcoming season with the rise of new head coach Eric Taylor. The first game results in a very unexpected, traumatic accident to star quarterback Jason Street. This accident puts him and the team in a very vulnerable state. Street was supposed to carry this team to a state championship, but this seems very unlikely with his current state. Second string sophomore quarterback, Matt Saracen, is forced to step up to the plate. The players make many trips to the hospital to visit Jason Street, but one character’s absence becomes prominent. This player is running back Tim Riggins. Riggins and Street grew up together and were pretty much inseparable. Riggins blames himself for not attempting to block the hit on Jason Street, and can’t bring himself to go and visit him.

After Street’s girlfriend, Lyla Garrity, comes to the realization that Jason will never walk again, she picks up Tim Riggins on the side of the road. This leads to an affair behind the back of paralyzed Jason Street, with the result of Tim Riggins falling in love. This one sided love affair comes to a screeching halt when Garrity is confronted by Street. Although she knows what she has done, she refrains from telling Street the full truth. Eventually the truth comes out, and it creates a major divide between the team. Riggins had an affair with paralyzed Jason Street’s girlfriend. This is the end of the relationship between Street and Garrity, and Garrity does not hear the end of this.

After this scandal finally blows over, Riggins and Street finally make up. The team dynamic makes a 180, and they are back on the grind. Jason Street finds a new position on the team: assistant coach. He trains Saracen hard physically and mentally. This panther pack is ready to take on rival Voodoo Taytum and the West Cambria Mustangs. Despite going down 26 points early in the game, the Panthers play preventative defense and impeccable offence. They win the state championship game 27-26.

Despite all the glory that this season brought, the one complaint I do have is the filming. The angles often caught glares on the screen, and made it hard to see. You have to watch this show in a very dark room in order to see the film in complete clarity. This is an issue, especially if I wanted to watch this show during hours earlier than 5:00 PM. With the filming errors aside, I absolutely love this TV series, and I am only on the first season. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a new show.