Movies you simply cannot miss this Halloween

The cover of Monster House.

When Halloween comes creeping around the corner, people get into the mood for watching Halloween movies. Dressing up, decorating and trick-or-treating are all symbolic of Halloween, but there are also a good array of horror and comedy movies worth watching during Halloween. Some Halloween movies tend to be more of the “bad, but good” movies, meaning that you can just basically guess what’s going to happen and it makes the movie more fun.

The Halloween Series

One of the most popular movie series is the Halloween series, which first came out in 1978 and the most recent Halloween movie which came out this month.. The series is about a psychotic mental patient who was charged for killing his teenage sister when he was just a little boy. Fifteen years after the murder, he escapes from the mental institute and begins stalking a new group of teenagers in hopes of continuing his murder spree. I would recommend this series if you are trying to watch a different type of horror movie compared to newer horror movies. The Halloween movies tend to be funnier because the acting isn’t topnotch, and you’re able to guess what’s going to happen. This movie is also based on the holiday itself, which makes it even scarier to watch during the Halloween season.

Hubie’s Halloween

There are other Halloween movies that are just flat out comedies––one of them being Hubie’s Halloween, starring Adam Sandler. Hubie is the town’s rule follower, who never realizes that he is a town clown and everyone makes fun of him. Hubie’s favorite holiday is Halloween so he tries his hardest to make everything look perfect for the citizens in his town. As soon as Halloween comes rolling around strange things start happening, which is mostly kidnapping. Nobody knows what is happening and it’s up to Hubie to solve the mystery. I would recommend this movie because it is just kind of a strange movie. Most Adam Sandler movies are meant to be kind of a bad joke, but this one tops the list. The ending of the movie isn’t what I expected it to be at all, so I feel like everyone should watch it at least once to get a solid perspective of it.

Monster House

The Monster House is about how three young kids realize that the house across the street is somehow alive and they need to figure out how to stop the house from eating all the trick-or-treaters. I would recommend this movie, because it scared me as a little kid and it’s actually a pretty good movie. The Monster House is definitely a classic, which I think everyone should end up watching.