Former red knight returns as the new help desk technician


Brook Wenande

BSM graduate Peter Schubloom joins the BSM tech department.

This year, BSM welcomes Peter Schubloom as the new help desk technician. With technology advancing more and more within the school, there are a lot of new tasks and jobs that come along with it. Schubloom comes from a diverse background of technology and will be a valuable addition to the BSM staff.

Schubloom received a degree in computer science from University of St. Thomas and went on to work in the I.T department at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Schubloom says his work at Blue Cross was different than what his current role at BSM is now. “Working at Blue Cross Blue Shield was much more sitting at a desk, taking calls and helping people remotely,” Schubloom said.

BSM continues to update its technology and with that comes different responsibilities and roles to fill. One of the biggest technology changes this year is attendance. With former attendance supervisor Kathy Jacobson retired, attendance is now fully digital. Technology director Bill Cheney says Schubloom plays a big role in making sure attendance is taken care of. “He’s actually got a pretty big role in helping us digitalize how we do attendance and kind of improve the way we’ve been doing attendance for the last few years at BSM,” said Cheney.

Another deciding factor in bringing Schubloom onto the technology team was the student support system for technology. BSM is fortunate to have a 1:1 laptop program and going online/hybrid last year opened up a new world of tech support throughout the school. Being the only technology specialist was a challenge for Cheney. With Schubloom now on the team, Cheney is able to help tackle bigger technology issues or projects that may come up. “He can help with some of the more basic stuff and I’m able to kind of jump around and help with some bigger tech projects that are going on,” Cheney said.

Schubloom also has his own connections to BSM. He graduated from BSM in 2011 and coaches the junior varsity lacrosse team. Schubloom enjoys supporting his favorite sports team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and doing yoga in his free time. His talents and skills will be a great addition to the BSM community.