BSM brings on a new assistant to the president this year


Brook Wenande

Dr. Ehrmantraut has a new assistant, Ms. Shaughnessy.

Benilde-St.Margaret’s welcomed many new staff members to BSM this year––one of them being Allie Shaughnessy, the new assistant to the president.

The job of the assistant to the president is mostly all the behind-the-scenes. Shaughnessy also helps in the main office when things get busy by answering phones, greeting visitors, and helping out students. “I’m responsible for the behind-the-scenes meeting setup—I distribute meeting dates and agendas, set up the room, and make sure that people attending remotely can join via Zoom,” Shaughnessy said,

BSM also added a new administration system this year and Shaughnessy is helping get that off the ground. “When people sign up for BSM day visits or open houses, I’ll send those families confirmation for their visit and make sure that the admissions team has their information,” Shaughnessy said.

The front office is key to the school’s functionality; even though the majority of students don’t see the staff that work in the front office every day, they are still able to experience the welcoming atmosphere. “My favorite part is being able to see all the students come and go,” Shaughnessy said.

After high school, Shaughnessy moved to Maine to attend Colby college in Waterville, but decided to come back to Minnesota afterwards. “I majored in Cultural Anthropology,” Shaughnessy said.

Shaughnessy has Minnesota and Catholic school roots. “I heard about BSM through some of my friends and family who went here,” Shaughnessy said.

Before working at BSM, she had several different jobs, such as helping women with their addictions and getting them back on their feet. “I used to work for a nonprofit organization working with women,” Shaughnessy said.

Shaughnessy is enjoying her experience here so far. She loves that she’s able to see kids throughout the day when they walk in the office. “I like that BSM is so vibrant,” Shaughnessy said.

Right now Shaughnessy doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do in her future, but she has some goals she wants to accomplish. “I want to get my graduate degree,” Shaughnessy said.

She likes to keep busy outside of school with many different hobbies. “I like to go outside, go skiing, hiking, and read a book,” Shaughnessy said.