Two BSM staff members tie the knot this past summer


Courtesy of Callianne Olson

English teacher Callianne Olson and technology director Bill Cheney celebrated their wedding this past summer.

This past summer, two familiar faces in the Red Knight community celebrated a new chapter in their lives. Technology director Mr. Bill Cheney and Senior High English teacher Ms. Callianne Olson celebrated their wedding in July of 2021 after getting engaged in 2018.

The two got married at the Van Dusen mansion in Minneapolis. The couple’s wedding was originally scheduled for the summer of 2020, but due to Covid-19, they decided to move the wedding to 2021. While the decision to move the wedding back a whole year was a hard one, they were happy they waited and felt it was the right choice. “We kind of felt like if we want to do it the way we want to do it, let’s wait until all of our family members can come, no one has to make a decision based on health or anything like that,” Cheney said.

The couple dated for many years prior to getting engaged and ultimately married. BSM became an important part of their relationship as they both go beyond just teaching at BSM. Olson coaches the girls’ varsity soccer team and Cheney coaches the boys’ basketball team. “I think we have a unique advantage where we don’t see each other all the time. I think that part makes it work for us and I think if you saw each other every day and had to work with each other constantly that’d be tough,” Cheney said.

The wedding was attended by different members of the BSM community, ranging from alumni to co-workers. The faculty and staff were supportive and excited about the two getting engaged and married. “They were very, very excited. I think it was more like the “finally” kind of thing. And we had a number of faculty at the wedding and former students and soccer players and stuff who came,” Olson said.

The final part of the wedding was their honeymoon. They flew to San Francisco and took a road trip across the country back home. Some of the cool places they visited included Lake Tahoe, Denver, and Kansas City. “It was a blast. That was really fun being able to do a bunch of different things on the honeymoon without having to pick one spot,” Cheney said.