Don’t sleep on Girls’ tennis


Courtesy of BSM girls' tennis team

The BSM girls’ tennis team poses for a picture post win.

With a heartbreaking loss to rival Edina in the section final last year, BSM girls’ tennis came back ready to compete. BSM girl’s tennis has a record of 4-0, and one of those is a conference win.

The team has high expectations for this season, and they are prepared to do what it takes to fulfill these expectations. No one has been able to defeat this Red Knight group, and player Clara Klassen gave some insight on who their toughest opponents will be. “Our biggest competition this year will be Blake, Edina, and Wayzata,” Klassen said.

Despite early success, the goal is to still improve. The girls train everyday, but are also very aware of potential challenges that could arise. “Covid could be a huge challenge this year. If a player gets Covid, they would have to miss practices and matches for as long as they have to be out for,” sophomore Maggie Graczyk said.

Even after four wins, the girls are still setting and achieving the goals they place for themselves.

My goal for this season is to gain more confidence in myself while playing and to improve my overall tennis skills.

— Maggie Graczyk

The team is filled with players from each grade level, and the team chemistry is great. “We have about three or four people from each grade, and everyone gets along well,” Graczyk said.

The girls are not afraid to give their teammates the recognition they deserve. A great player is hard to miss, but easy to celebrate. “Lauren Kallas is definitely one of our strongest players. She is ranked first in singles,” Klassen said.

When asking the girls what they are most looking forward to this season, they all, without hesitation, had the same answer: the Eau Claire tournament. “It will be a great chance for us to get closer as a team and improve our tennis skills,” Graczyk said.

With a strong start for the Red Knights, they are hoping to keep this streak going for the rest of the season. They want to be a competitive team this year with high expectations. “Our team goal for the season is to get as far as they can in sections, and to be conference champions,” Klassen said.