BSM’s First Outdoor Mass was a success


Brook Wenande

Mr. Weingartz offers communion at BSM’s first outdoor Mass.

After a year and a half of having no in-person all-school Masses, BSM returned to all-school Masses on Monday, September 13th, but in a different way than ever before. Mass was held outside on the turf, which allowed the entire student body to be together for Mass for the first time in over a year.

Last year, the senior class gathered in the Great Hall while the rest of the student body watched on live steam in the classrooms. For campus minister Mike Jeremiah, having Mass outside brings back a sense of normality. “We’re trying to make it as meaningful as possible, and the important thing is that we’re all together,” Jeremiah said.

A roadblock for the administration last year was finding a way the entire school could participate in Mass. This was a challenge for the school, as students were Zooming in from different classrooms around the school. The students found it difficult to sing and respond to the Mass while staring at a screen. “It was hard for me to fully participate in the Mass when I was staring at a screen in the classroom. I got distracted sometimes and did not really feel like I was present during the Mass,” said senior Mitchell Dokman.

With Mass being held outside this year, there were some significant changes to the program. Unlike the traditional Great Hall Masses, there were no jumbotron screens for projecting the lyrics to songs, group responses, or printed worship aids. Jeremiah is optimistic about having Mass outside and understands the significance the Great Hall has to the entire school. “I am looking forward to the day when we can get back into the Great Hall because that’s really our home, and that’s what people want.” said Jeremiah.

While the plan is to have the next Mass on the field, which is homecoming Mass, the future is unknown, especially as colder weather starts to roll in. “Right now, we do one Mass at a time, and that’s all we can do,” Jeremiah said.