An Everlasting Connection

May 28, 2021


Brook Wenande

Teachers Michelle Leblanc and Ms. Andretta Hanson have a relationship that spans decades.

LeBlanc: When Angie came to live with us… I was pregnant. Once Sean was born, he would just smile and smile and couldn’t get enough of Angie.

Hanson: Michelle LeBlanc and our families kept that bond over the years. Really really strong and special. She comes back to Jamaica back and forth and all that stuff.

Hanson: She’s planning to live in my community of above rocks. A couple years ago…we were down at our family lot, and she was like ‘I want this spot right here, this is where I’m gonna build my little hut,’ so yeah, over the years, our friendship has… just been a long-term, permanent friendship; like family. She’s the godmother to one of my sons, and he goes to Little Knights. We’re family, we go to each other’s houses, events, our kids are like brothers and sisters…we are best friends.

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