Summer fashion storms the halls of BSM


Photos Courtesy of Allison Voss and Alexis Brixius

Red Knight students pose in their fashionable outfits.

Fashion trends change every year throughout each season. Everyone has different style, but what many have in common is following and keeping up with similar trends.

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially with the current in-store restrictions. Being forced to shop from home has made many people realize the convenience of online shopping. Some find it easier to look through endless clothes while being comfy in bed rather than walking in a mall for hours. “[I like] online [shopping], because I’m too lazy to go to the stores,” sophomore Lily Eigner said.

People might think putting together an outfit is super simple, but really there is some thought that goes into what one is gonna wear that day. For example, If someone is doing something active, they definitely would want to have moveable and clothes that are okay to ruin. “It depends on the day and what I’m doing. Casual if I’m going on a boat or going to the lake. Cute is like if I’m going to dinner or something,” freshman Natalie Best said.

The clothes are not always the most important piece of an outfit. Accessories can be put together to finish off a perfect outfit. “I feel like bold accessories are really important because they can really amplify your basic summer wardrobe and can change it,” sophomore Amelia Beutz said.

As summer approaches, tank tops are a common sighting when on the streets or out and about. Stores haven’t been sticking to the traditional tank tops, and these new styles are becoming a big hit amongst high schoolers. “I’ve seen a lot of people wearing tank tops that have crisscross straps and I think they are really cute so I am excited they are becoming a trend,” Eigner said.

Unique materials such as satin, knit, linen, and leather have been popular fabrics used to create new clothing for the spring and summer. “Knit dresses are really in this summer,” senior Myka Field said.

Trends change drastically each summer. The trends this summer look a lot different than what last year’s quarantine style looked like. People even turned crafts into clothing out of their boredom through tie-dying. Tie-dye is a huge part of last year’s style that is rarely seen this year. “I liked the tie-dye trend. I think it gave us something to do during quarantine, but I am glad that we are moving on to different trends this summer,” Field said.

Pant choice is another crucial part of creating an outfit. Unique pants rather than basic ones can spice up an outfit from being mundane to extraordinary. “I’ve been wearing a lot of wide-legged jeans. My friends all wear those flare jeans with cute tops,” Eigner said.