Both introverts and extroverts should be respected and celebrated


Mason McGonigle

Sometimes introverts find their personality type devalued; it shouldn’t be.

Being an extrovert is always portrayed as the better personality type. There are so many articles and tips on how to be more extroverted–what about how to be more introverted? Why is being an introvert so bad? Why should someone try so hard to be someone they aren’t? Is there actually a better personality type?

I think being an introvert isn’t something that should be looked down on or changed. Personally, I’m an extrovert but some of my best friends are introverts. People are who they are for a reason. Obviously, people can grow into their personality. Sometimes you go from being shy, to being outgoing. Or the other way around, though that is not common.

Seeing all these random instagram threads of “How to be more extroverted” just makes me sad. It’s essentially saying being introverted is negative. The focus should be on how to accept yourself, instead of trying to change into something you aren’t. There are upsides to both personality types. For example, if you’re an introvert you probably tend to think through your decisions; however if you are an extrovert, you jump to your decision quickly.

Being extroverted can give you a leg up in some things. Extroverts are notorious for being personable and this trait can help them make friends in new environments and even with future bosses or coworkers. Extroverts are largely leaders as well, so they are likely to make more money because of their leadership skills. Additionally, extroverts are known for staying positive and illuminating enthusiasm which is good for the mental health of them and others.

The focus should be on how to accept yourself, instead of trying to change into something you aren’t.

— Katherine Foe

Being introverted has its advantages as well. They have qualities that many look for in a good friend, are good listeners, low maintenance, and tend to make deeper connections with the people they encounter. These connections will lead to a better understanding of a person, and an introvert can further use their skills to make someone feel appreciated. Introverts are usually people who internalize so getting them to open up can be difficult, but I always find that it’s worth it.

I think rather than trying to change someone’s personality type, the media should focus on how to respect it. An example of this is respect for an introverts need for privacy, and respect for an extroverts independence. I think everyone would benefit from knowing the differences and how to respect others rather than degrading their personality.