Dr. Skinner to leave BSM for new adventures at Hill-Murray


Photo Courtesy of BSM Marketing

In a photoshoot from last year, BSM Principal Dr. Susan Skinner talks with students in the hallway. Now, Skinner plans her departure from BSM.

After being part of the Benilde-St.Margaret’s community for 14 years, Senior High principal Dr. Susan Skinner will be departing BSM at the end of this school year. She has recently accepted the position of Vice President for Mission at Hill-Murray Catholic School.

Skinner is going to be starting a new experience at Hill-Murray. She started her career at Hill-Murray and her two daughters attended school there. “I’m excited about the work I will be doing which includes focusing on Catholic identity and bringing the faith based part of education to life,” Skinner said.

Skinner never planned on leaving BSM. She really enjoys the people here and the opportunities she has had. However, when she got this opportunity to work at Hill-Murray she knew it was something she should try. “When the opportunity came along I prayed about it, really trying to discern if this is the direction God is calling me. In the end it became clear that Vice President for Mission at Hill-Murray will be my next adventure,” Skinner said.

I am going to miss the students, faculty and staff – the people. BSM has an innovative spirit that is energizing and life giving.

— Dr. Susan Skinner

Skinner has been at BSM for a long time and has connected with many students and faculty members. She has seen and experienced many things here at BSM. “I am going to miss the students, faculty and staff – the people. BSM has an innovative spirit that is energizing and life giving,” Skinner said.

Besides the people at BSM, Skinner says her favorite thing about BSM is the chapel. She likes the three icons in the chapel; they depict St. John Baptist de LaSalle, Mother St. Jeanne Fontbonne, and St. Benedict and they are placed at the feet of Jesus. “It’s such a prayerful way to help me focus on what it means to be a leader in a Catholic school,” Skinner said.

One of Skinner’s favorite memories here at BSM is how the community came together to support Jack Jablonski. “There was a palpable sense of support, care and compassion wrapped in faith. There will always be things that divide us, but at the end of the day we can find our unity in supporting each other, seeing each other, respecting each other, and loving each other,” Skinner said.

Another of Skinner’s favorite experiences here at BSM is ninth grade orientation. She loves welcoming the new students and seeing the older students cheering them on. “It’s loud and fun and the whole point is to welcome our new freshman; I love that,” Skinner said.