Seniors start to make college decisions for next year


Nate Charles

College banners hang in the college and career center.

As college nears, the BSM seniors are starting to decide where they will spend their next four years. Most students are encouraged to make their decision between January and May 1.

Early action and decision applications are popular within the senior class. Many students who do early decision applications make a decision right when they hear back from the colleges. “Most seniors do apply to many of their schools using a college’s early deadline,” Guidance Counselor Ms. Wessman said.

A big factor in college decisions for BSM seniors is locations. According to the College and Career, around one third of BSM students stay in state, and about two thirds of BSM students go out of state for college. There are various reasons for leaving Minnesota such as specific education opportunities or warm weather. Senior Nicole Crescini has decided on Xavier and she knew she wanted to leave Minnesota. “I knew I wanted something different after high school. Xavier has a really good business school and I just loved the city of Cincinnati,” Crescini said.

Another large factor in college decisions is sports offers. Senior Anna Medina is a competitive synchronized figure skater. She has not decided what college she will be attending next year but her determining factor is what figure skating teams she is able to make. ”I am basing my college decision off of what team I make,” Medina said.

Many student athletes have already committed to schools. Senior Maya Jones is a girls hockey player who committed to Union University in March of her sophomore year. Jones had many offers from different schools but was able to pick one based on what she felt was the best fit. She said the college process looks very different for a student athlete with offers compared to an average high school student. Jones started her college process freshman year but was able to commit much earlier than most students. “While student athletes might have a longer search, by the time senior year comes around, most athletes are committed and only have one college application they have to fill out, which is super nice,” Jones said.

As the second semester progresses, the BSM community will begin to see more seniors making college decisions.