The new Cube has become a popular space for students


Matthew Ormsby

Students enjoy working in the modernized space of the Cube.

The cube has been open for about a month and has become home to many Red Knights and staff.

The cube was created with collaboration in mind, so BSM’s newest area is covered in features to help with that. The cube is filled with a variety of furniture so you can work on the ground, in a booth, or even in a conference room. “I love the variety of comfortable furniture and collaboration options. Students are able to share with each other verbally, on the whiteboards, and with the screens. It’s a great place to gather and work on projects together,” Dr. Steve Pohlen said.

Many students have been in and out of the cube admiring the new space. The versatility this space offers allows for cooperation between students and is strengthening the BSM community. “I really like the middle central area, it’s kind of a communal space,” senior Matthew Ormsby said.

One drawback currently is since the pandemic it is hard to collaborate with others while following the safety guidelines as well. Since it is also a new space a lot of students spend their time in there, it can be hard for groups to take full advantage of the space. “My least favorite part is that it is going to be busy for the foreseeable future,” Ormsby said

Not only is the cube home to students now but Mr. Bill Cheney and Dr. Pohlen have both moved into the space. “The Cube is a very comfortable place to work when supporting teachers and students or collaborating with others. It’s a harder place to work when trying to concentrate on more complicated individual projects,” Pohlen said.