How to be a BSM fan in 2020

The year 2020 has been like no other. With the chaos and turmoil going on around the world, people with athletic interests like me had to find new ways to get into the game. Even now, those interested in high school sports can’t go to the actual games like they used to. Sports aren’t only for entertainment or for the love of the game, but they can also be a distraction and a form of relaxation for many.

Here at BSM, we have had the honor of having some great sports teams, with some even becoming champions or having the opportunity of playoffs. We are given an incredible number of extracurricular opportunities, from clubs like yearbook, drone racing, and many more to teams like hockey, lacrosse, football, basketball, etc to other groups as well. BSM has many ways to get students involved in the community. Unfortunately, sports and other extracurricular activities are more challenging to pull off this year.

This fall we have been blessed with the chance to have sports, even with the current circumstances in the world. Last spring, most sports were canceled for the entire season, so given that we have this chance, we are ready to take full advantage of this. But because the sports world is so much different, some students may be confused or just don’t know how to be a fan for our school this year.

Luckily, there are many ways to support the Red Knights this year! The first way to support BSM and keep up with the sports is through following the Student Section Twitter account, which is student-run and can be found at @BSMstudent_sect. This account will give updates on times of games and they will even post the links to see BSM’s games online. They’ll also give updates on final scores and who might have won the previous matchup.

If you would like information about BSM in general, you can follow @bsmredknights to receive information about what’s going on within the school!

— Michael Paulison

BSM also has several Instagram accounts. If a student is interested in a certain sport, they can go onto Instagram and find the specific account for that sport. BSM has student-run Instagram accounts for girls’ and boys’ hockey, volleyball, girls’ soccer, girls’ cross country, girls’ swim and dive, figure skating, girls’ tennis, lacrosse, girls ultimate frisbee, and dance team. Apart from sports, you can keep up with other BSM extracurricular activities by following the student council account, drone racing, the art department, speech team, yearbook, and Knight Errant!

If you would like information about BSM in general, you can follow @bsmredknights to receive information about what’s going on within the school!

So yes, this year has been a difficult one to follow sports and keep up with the latest news for activities. But BSM has made watching sports and getting updates very accessible through social media and the internet. The updates through these accounts are almost daily, or every time they have an event, so you won’t miss a beat!