Girls’ dance team goes to state


Courtesy of Lahzeh Photography

BSM girls’ varsity dance team goes to state and hopes to place higher than last year.

Girls dance team takes second place in jazz and kick at sections to advance to the state tournament which takes place the weekend of February 14th at the Target Center. 

As the state tournament gets closer and closer the mindset and energy changes at the BSM girls dance team practices. The practices are getting longer and more intense for the girls. “Our coach is having us show up 30 mins earlier than normal for practice to stretch. Our practices are usually 2 hours long but as we prepare for the state championship in the next two weeks the practices are now 2 hours and 30 mins to 3 hours long,” junior captain Lauren Hawkinson said. 

After a full season, the girls continue to make tweaks to their dance. During the 2018-2019 dance, the girls had to change up their dance to the point that it was difficult for them to remember during the tournament. “After the girls struggled to remember the dance last year our coach decided to just make a few changes to our kick dance,” senior captain Olivia Schmitz said. 

After the girls struggled to remember the dance last year our coach decided to just make a few changes to our kick dance.

— Liv Schmitz

To prepare for the large crowds and the pressure of the daunting judges the girls are put on the spot to make sure they perform their dance to the best of their ability. “Our coach randomly selects girls to do pressure tests where he will make them perform their dance by themselves. We will also bring in other people to watch our dance and give us feedback on what we need to change,” Schmitz said. 

It is the Knightettes tradition to have a send-off party thrown by the captain’s parents at school. There is a huge production put on by the captains’ parents that includes send off presents for the girls. “The seniors do speeches for everyone and then the dads perform for us. We get a send-off present from the coaches and parents. In past years the team has received lululemon clothes and other goodies,” Schmitz said. 

The team is very special this year as it includes girls from grades 12 all the way down to seven. The team is a lot younger than normal this year making practice and competition much more relaxed and enjoyable. “Every individual on our team is very hard working and always has a positive attitude. When you put those things it works well and it is why we have been so successful this season,” Hawkinson said.