Boys’ volleyball could possibly be coming soon

This year, for the third time, the Minnesota Boys Volleyball Association has requested the sanctioning of boys’ high school volleyball in the MSHSL for next fall. This proposal has strong support from communities across the seven-county metro, as well as outstate schools from Austin to Rochester, and as far north as Hibbing, Floodwood, and the Duluth area.

According to the MN Boys HSVB Association, involvement across the state has been increasing over the last two years as a club sport. Over 400 boys played for 22 different schools in 2018. In 2019, there were over 800 boys playing volleyball for 50 different schools. And in 2019 the first-ever Boys’ State Volleyball Tournament took place. Sixteen teams participated in the states first state tournament

Steven Stovitz, who is Team Physician for Team USA Volleyball is strongly in favor of boys’ volleyball becoming a sanctioned sport in Minnesota. Stovitz believes it is a sport that can be played lifelong. Boys who start playing in high school could potentially begin playing a sport that they will continue for the rest of their lives. “To me, it is a safe team sport that people can play for their life all over the world,” Stovitz said.

Similar to schools across the state, interest at BSM in boys’ volleyball is high. Many boys across grades said they would enjoy participating. Some boys were interested in playing volleyball, but unfortunately, they already play a spring sport, which is when the MBVA proposes the boys’ season would occur. “I would play volleyball if I didn’t play baseball in the spring,” sophomore Brady Yakesh said.

To me, it is a safe team sport that people can play for their lifetime all over the world.

— Steven Stovitz

There have been many barriers for boys’ volleyball becoming a sport. Many school administrations are opposed to the extra costs that will come along with boys’ volleyball. Some say there is limited gym space, which could cause issues. But advocates for the sport argue that once spring sports move outdoors, there will be a lot of open facilities at school in which practice and play volleyball. “The schools have the equipment by having girls’ volleyball already,” said Director and Vice President of MN Boys HSVB Association Krista Flemming.

Many boys have a wide variety of reasons for their interest in volleyball. Many believe it is an underrated sport and also think it would be fun to play because of how electric the sport is. “Yes, I would play volleyball. I think it is a very fast and exciting sport,” junior Alex Bronkala said.

A large number of boys believe they have the physical and mental abilities to be very successful volleyball players. Taller boys were quite confident that their height would give them an advantage on the court. Some boys who were not as tall believed their sheer confidence would lead them to success. “I am tall and people have told me I would be good at volleyball. When I play on the beach, I have a good time,” senior Winton Petty said. 

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The boys’ volleyball season would be slated, to begin with, preseason practices on March 9th. There would be roughly a month of practice before games between schools would start. The first games would be held on April 6th. There would approximately be 2 games per week for teams throughout the state. The state tournament would be May 16-17 at Shakopee Highschool.  “Volleyball is truly a team sport. Everyone gets a chance to play the ball when on the court. It is a fast-paced, high action game which makes it very fun to watch.  It is the second most played sport in the world,” Flemming said.