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Editors tell about their tech use


Sophie Ludwig, Social Media Manager

When it comes to technology in school, I am someone who gets distracted very easily. I hate when I have an assignment that involves my computer. I get very off task and somehow always end up on messenger or playing Tetris. It ends up taking me almost an hour to do something when I could finish it in ten minutes. I never really use my phone in school, if I do it is because my messages are not loading on ...


Laura Jennings, Student Life Editor

During the school day, technology can be helpful to me yet a huge distraction at the same time. I used to always keep my phone in my locker, but now I usually keep it in my pocket or in my laptop case on silent. I don’t usually have time to go on my phone, but if I do, I only check snapchat for a few seconds. I get sidetracked in class from my laptop the most. If I’m bored during class, I’ll go s...


Libby Simpson, Multimedia Editor

In school, technology can be very useful but distraction at the same time. I take notes on my computer whenever I can, and I use all my books on my laptop. There are also a lot of helpful features on computer to format things like presentations or writing a screenplay. However, if I am the tiniest bit bored or overwhelmed, I go straight to Twitter on my computer and I mindlessly scroll through twe...


Harry Madden, KEQ Editor in Chief

For me, technology is used frequently throughout my everyday school life. I keep my phone with me throughout the day for various reasons. My phone mainly serves as a form of communication between myself and my family. We always have a hectic schedule after school and need to coordinate who is driving who after school. I also use my phone in a couple of classes for my school work. With my laptop, I ...


Kaitlyn McTigue, Online Editor in Chief

Before the 8:00 am bell rings, I put my phone in my locker and it is not to be seen again until 2:40 pm. Though many students have their phone with them throughout the day, to either send their daily snaps, watch their favorite Tik Tok or check their texts, I personally don’t see the reason to have them. But sometimes I need to text my mom, so my phone will make a quick appearance. During the da...


Quinn Elsenbast, News Editor

Every day before first period begins, I power off my phone completely and place it in my locker. While many of my friends mock this habit, I find no use for my phone throughout the school day and shudder at the idea of it ringing in the middle of class. While some may assume that this would limit or completely eliminate possible distractions, that is far from the truth. My laptop gives me access to al...

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