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Liv Schmitz

Luke Mathwig’s tattoo says, “Filius Matris” which is a Latin phrase which translates to ‘Mother’s son’.

Luke Mathwig

Knight Errant: What’s your tattoo?

Luke Mathwig: Filius Matris; a Latin phrase which translates to ‘Mother’s son’. 

KE: When and where did you get your tattoo? 

LM: When I turned 18. I got it on my thigh at Leviticus tattoos and Body Piercings. 

KE: Why did you choose the design you did? 

LM: Me and my mom wanted to get a tattoo together to always have a part of each other with us.

KE: How did you choose where to get your tattoo?

LM: I wanted it on my thigh. so that when I’m hanging out with people, it can be seen. When I’m in a professional situation, it can be hidden. 

KE: Did it hurt? How did you feel about getting it? Were you nervous? 

LM: I wasn’t nervous until I saw the design because it made it real. It hurt more than I thought, my initial reaction was to kick him because he was causing the pain. 

KE: Have you always wanted a tattoo? Is it something you thought about for a while or kind of a rash decision? 

LM: I always wanted a tattoo but didn’t know what I wanted. About a month before I got it, I did a lot of research and tried to find things I could get with my mom. 

KE: Do your parents approve of the tattoo?

LM: Yes

KE: Do you think you’ll regret this? 

LM: I don’t think so since I got it with my mom.

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