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Liv Schmitz

Alice Petty’s tattoo is kind of like a sun: it’s the logo of the camp that she goes to. 

Alice Petty

Knight Errant: What’s your tattoo?

Alice Petty: It’s kind of like a sun, it’s the logo of the camp that I go to. 

KE: When and where did you get your tattoo? 

AP: I got it when I was 18 in Sioux falls, South Dakota 

KE: Why did you choose the design you did? 

 AP: It’s the logo of my camp. I’ve been going to this camp since I was 11. I met the most incredible people there and had the most amazing experiences I will never forget.

KE: How did you choose where to get your tattoo?

AP: I wanted it on my forearm at first but I didn’t think it would look as good so I chose the ribs. I would draw it on multiple parts of my body to see how it looked before.

KE: Did it hurt? How did you feel getting it? Were you nervous? 

AP: Yeah I was terrified at first because I heard ribs are really painful, but it wasn’t that bad at all, I definitely could feel it on my bones. Never felt that before. 

KE: Have you always wanted a tattoo? Is it something you thought about for a while or kind of a rash decision? 

AP: I like love tattoos. I’ve always wanted one and I’m planing on getting another one in the spring. 

KE: Do you think you’ll regret this? 

AP: No I definitely won’t.

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