Updates made to ACT prep class


Haley Hewitson

In its second year, the ACT prep class, required for juniors has changed since last year.

Students for the past year have been taking an ACT prep class. After receiving feedback from previous students, BSM has reworked the course for this year.

This year, some juniors have noticed that the class has improved. “We use Naviance, which I heard is different from last year’s class. It’s helpful because they have a lot of vocab flashcards, but sometimes I wish it was more directed at teaching and not just online and waiting for other kids. The new class has also tried to shift over and use online portions to help the students prepare for the tests,“ junior Ava Keller said.

Although the class has improved, there are still some issues with the structure. “I think it’s been a little bit slow so far. We haven’t gotten started really. A lot of the kids don’t do any of the work so we have to wait behind for the other kids to finish their stuff before the whole class moves on, so it gets super frustrating,” Keller said. 

I think it’s just hard in general to have such a hard class where students are at all different places and spaces.

— Jada Kosek

Some students crave a more individualized learning experience. “I know it’s hard to do, but if it was based off our pre ACT score and maybe we could be placed in classes based on score, it might help people,” Keller said.  

Something that has stayed the same is the length and days of the class. “I am glad we have to take it, but I wish it was on a regular day not a block period. At least half the class is a free hour because I get all my stuff done right away and then just kind of sit around in the room. I think maybe optional based on whether you want to boost your score or not. I think everyone should take the diagnostic test, and if you don’t feel good about your score, then you should take it,” junior India Opperman said.

Some students wished they had a better experience last year. “I think the teachers didn’t know how to teach the class as they were used to working one on one with students,” senior Jada Kosek said. 

While past seniors didn’t always have a positive experience, they understand the difficulty in teaching the class. “I wish we would have not had those changes for us, but also I think it’s just hard in general to have such a hard class where students are at all different places and spaces,” Kosek said. 

The changes were mainly impacted by the administration but also the new teacher that came into the program this year, Mr. Juno Nayagam. “I’m trying to make the class more interactive and make them feel it’s a worthwhile thing for them. I wasn’t the main decision-maker but I did a little bit,” Nayagam said.