Students traveled to unique locations over the summer


Flynn Skahan

The map above reveals locations where students traveled this summer.

This past summer, some Benilde – St. Margaret’s students had the privilege of traveling overseas. Whether a family trip, a mission trip, or a vacation with friends, student travelers experienced new cultures, activities, and lots of new foods.

Junior Maya Jones and her family went to Jamaica.  “We enjoyed zip lining in the jungles, tubing, adventuring to different beaches, and swimming with horses,” Jones said. 

Sophomore Fiona Lynch also enjoyed some fun in the sun while traveling around the coasts of Italy and France with her family. “I really enjoyed going to the beaches and eating all the amazing food. We had croissants, pizza, and tons of macaroons,” Lynch said. 

On the other hand, freshman Megan Cornell hiked around the beautiful scenic forests and lakes of Banff, Canada with her family and grandparents. 

Winning the strangest food eaten award, seniors Maggie Anderson and her sister Morgan Anderson traveled to South Africa and got to try many interesting dishes including ostrich. “It was actually fine and interesting to try something I hadn’t done before,” Maggie said.

Also in Africa, Freshman Lance Hover visited his cousin who teaches at an international school and enjoyed his time eating a dish with beans, rice, stew, and spending time with family.

I really enjoyed going to the beaches and eating all the amazing food. We had croissants, pizza, and tons of macaroons

— Fiona Lynch

Each year in July, BSM students participate in a mission trip where they spend a week in Guatemala building houses for nearby communities. Junior Josh Sullivan, one of the many students who attended the trip, had a great experience. “I enjoyed my time staying with an amazing host family, while helping out the communities and forming many strong bonds with the children,” Sullivan said.

Even though Senior Kelly Dempsey did not participate in the school-sponsored Guatemala trip, she still made an impact traveling to Rwanda with her church, City Hill, for two weeks on a mission trip. Kelly worked as a relational minster and a women’s minister. “It was really rewarding being able to give back.”