E.P.I.C. creates new careers

October 4, 2019


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BSM’s new EPIC internship program looks to give students real world opportunities.

If students want to explore di?erent careers without the stress of starting their own business, they can try to get an internship through BSM’s new EPIC program. The program is young, but Mr. Steve Pohlen hopes to expand it in the future so every student can have access to an internship.

The internship program at BSM is a varied one, with multiple types of opportunities for students. Job shadows, internships, events, and one-on-one mentorships are the four basic options for students. “The idea is to give students more real-world experiences outside the walls of BSM… I think it helps students discover things about themselves that might determine what they would or wouldn’t like to do,” Pohlen said.

Right now, internships are based on recommendations by department. Students must be nominated for internships by their teachers in the department most closely related to the focus of the internship. At the beginning of the program, such selectivity is crucial to ensure long-term success. “What’s important when you ?rst start the program is to make sure it’s a good experience for the person that you’re partnering with, as well as for the student. And so we’re trying to make matches that are really bene?cial to both the student and the organization,” Pohlen said.

In the future, Pohlen aims to expand the program to all students once a solid foundation is laid. “I would love it if we got to a point where every student had one or two opportunities while they’re at Benilde-St Margaret’s to do some kind of an external piece to BSM that was really… meaningful to them, and really see the connection between the academics and the world that’s outside,” Pohlen said.

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E.P.I.C. creates new careers