“Euphoria” offers a unique approach to high school life


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Euphoria explores high school life from a different perspective.

Euphoria is the new HBO teen drama that tackles a lot of serious issues ranging from drug addiction to sexual assault and displays them in a way that is unique and creative. Rather than being dark and grim with its approach to the style of the production, they did the complete opposite. The cinematography, lighting, color, makeup, and style of the show is colorful and stylistic. The entire aesthetic of Euphoria is very fantasy-like at times. The highly realistic production uses these filming tricks to create a visually illuminating show.

The cinematography, lighting, color, makeup, and style of the show is colorful and stylistic.

— Frida Fortier

The show also focuses on characterization a lot more than other teen dramas have in the past. The beginning of each episode is dedicated to one certain character allowing the viewer to connect to every character. In a matter of minutes, you will care about them. Each character also has their own clothing style or distinct makeup. The wardrobes and makeup showcased in Euphoria are some of the most unique ever seen in a high school show. Many stores and influencers have been inspired by the styles shown in Euphoria and have been trying to recreate the styles since its recent debut.

The music incorporated into Euphoria is another determinant that places Euphoria above other shows. Some people attribute this to the singer-songwriter Drake, who happens to be the executive producer of the show. The songs featured in Euphoria fit the aesthetic of the show perfectly. Each song relates to the mood of its specific scene and significantly heightens the cinematic experience.

Although this series is at some points hard to watch, the show pulls you in. Each episode is equally as thrilling and interesting and the ending is far from disappointing. It is the perfect cliffhanging that will segway flawlessly into the second season.