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Val: Maddie Marusich

Besides her perfect GPA, Maddie Marusich has been active in various BSM activities through her years at BSM. She’s managed to hone studying and time-management skills that will help her through her college experience at the University of Minnesota.

Marusich is a captain of the speech team, a Link Crew commissioner, an orchestra concertmaster, a varsity member of the track and soccer teams, and a member of Students for Human Life. Although her resume of activities is impressive, balancing school and extracurriculars has become less of a challenge for Marusich. “I’ve always been pretty involved in stuff, and it’s always been part of my routine… I just got in the groove, you know. I had to use my time very well to get stuff done,” Marusich said.

In developing a way to balance school and activities, Marusich found a study habit that worked well for her. “I break my studying into chunks, especially when I’m studying for a test… I do, like, 20 minutes of studying and a break, or… like 40 minutes and a break, just so I can stay focused,” Marusich said.

Marusich always pushed herself in school, pursuing a rigorous schedule of honors and AP classes. However, she didn’t start high school with the intention of being a valedictorian. “I just wanted to work my hardest and do my best in my courses, and this is just kind of the end result of it,” Marusich said.

When Marusich applied to college, she didn’t yet have the title of valedictorian to put on her application. It doesn’t seem as though this has held her back in any way. Next year, Marusich will be attending the University of Minnesota, studying engineering in their honors program. “I think BSM has really helped me have a good work ethic, be challenged, and be ready for as stressful as college can be,” Marusich said.

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