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Alice Petty

Mr. Jonathan Harlin is the newest addition to the BSM art department.

Meet Mr. Harlin

A new teacher has sprung from the depths of Rosemont to join BSM’s art department. Despite the fact that Mr. Jonathan Harlin has only been at BSM since Thanksgiving, he has already enjoyed his experience thoroughly.

Harlin was born in Virginia but moved to Minnesota, where he was raised. Just before teaching at BSM, Harlin taught at Rosemount as a special ed teacher for a short period of time. Prior to Rosemount, Harlin taught at a school in Texas as an animation and comic art teacher.

Since being at BSM, Harlin has adapted well and thinks of BSM as a great place for students and teachers to learn and teach. Harlin also thinks that BSM has great resources for teachers and students compared to his previous schools. For him, this makes a huge difference in teaching and learning more effectively. “There’s a lot more structure here, and the students seem to adhere to the code of conduct a lot more,” Harlin said.

Teaching seven classes, Harlin wants every individual student to use their own style and to be as technical as possible. Harlin cares about what the final product looks like and wants to make sure that it is good and complete work.

There’s a lot more structure here, and the students seem to adhere to the code of conduct a lot more”

— Jonathan Harlin

As a teacher, Harlin enjoys working with his students and making sure his students use the information given to them in an effective way. “I would say the students are my favorite part; they soak up the information like a sponge,” Harlin said.

Outside of school, Harlin enjoys working on 2D and 3D animation along with comics, which he worked on in Dallas,Texas. Harlin would like to create a club where students could discuss and work on 2D and 3D animation using computer applications. Harlin feels he could have an impact on students who want to join because he could teach club members to understand the ins and outs of animation. “I am definitely interested in trying to start an after school 2D and 3D club so that kids could get exposure to that and get to try new techniques. I have some published comic work, and I’m working on one right now,” Harlin said

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