Senior Riley Miller had an incredible season on the court

Even though the team suffered a tough defeat against DeLaSalle to end their season, Miller helped the team exceed expectations through his tough defense, excellent shooting, and basketball I.Q.


Ginny Lyons

Miller ended up in the top ten for all-time free-throw percentage and three-point percentage in Minnesota.

Senior point guard Riley Miller had an incredible season and was one of the boys’ basketball team leaders. He was co-captains with Joe Dunn, another senior on the team.

He has been playing basketball ever since he was playing on the Fisher-Price hoop in his living room when he was younger and has loved it ever since. His impact on his passion for basketball is from his dad and Steph Curry. “My dad was the one who got me started on basketball, and Steph Curry because he is the best player in the NBA and I look to him for inspiration,” Miller said.

Pre-game rituals are very important to Miller. Before each game, he does the same dribbling routines to warm up and he stretches the same way every game. Sometimes, he will be watching Steph Curry highlights to prepare him mentally for a good game.

In the offseason, to improve his game, Riley goes to a trainer to stay in shape. He trains at Excelertation North West. Another key part of his success is eating healthy, and watching his game film to see where he needs improvement.

He has been great at point guard; he pretty much runs the show out there.

— Tommy Cron

When not playing for BSM, he plays on a summer team. “I played AAU for D1 Minnesota Prospects and that has gotten me better and gotten me exposure. I have been on the team for a year,” Miller said. He would like to play at a local MIAC school after high school to further his basketball career.

A crowd favorite moment was his buzzer beater against Robbinsdale-Cooper which won them the game. His teammates believe he has helped the team in many ways. He always has a good attitude when he plays and is a good leader. “He has been great at point guard; he pretty much runs the show out there,” senior Tommy Cron said.

One favorite memory his teammate has with him was a memory from their past. “My favorite memory was winning four straight championships with him in elementary school,” senior Vince Friction said.

While the season ended last week in a Section semi-final loss to DeLaSalle High School, Miller and the team proved doubters wrong and exceeded expectations. “We were expected to be the seven seed in Sections, and we were the five, and we upset Waconia. All in all, although I was hoping to reach State, it was a great season,” Miller said.