Grady Gordon: Player of the Month Nominee

Grady Gordon was nominated for junior player of the month award by the National Wheelchair Basketball Association

Gordon back-checking in a game against Japan.

Junior Grady Gordon’s time on the court has proven him quite the player—he was nominated for the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s, player of the month. From joining the Courage Kenny Jr. Rolling Timberwolves, to being the youngest member of the USA Developmental U33 team, Gordon’s basketball career is full of accomplishments.

While doing physical therapy at the Courage Center, someone suggested Gordon should join the league. Not knowing how far the sport would take him, Gordon was excited to just get on the court. “It was my choice to play; it seemed like a fun way to meet others,” Gordon said.

In 2016 the Jr. Rolling Timberwolves became national champions. Having won such an honorable title, Gordon has to give his best effort at practices and games.

Technology coordinator, Bill Cheney is a big influence on Gordon’s sports career. He has compiled football stats with Gordon for the past two years, and they talk during the school day. It wasn’t until last year that Cheney noticed just how nationally recognized Gordon was.

Cheney also predicts that Gordon will continue basketball in the future, especially within his college career.  “Being a junior and already having enough of an impact to get to go to these tournaments, like the U33 in Japan, just proves Grady’s worth,” Cheney said.

The nomination alone made Gordon feel valued for being identified. “It’s nice to be recognized, especially thinking about college,” Gordon said.

He also expressed that the student response has been super positive. His love for the sport will only push him to get more recognition, making BSM students and staff all the more proud. “I’m happy to be a part of a team that’s always trying to be better,” Gordon said.