Q&A with Mr. J


Muriel Ruppert

Campus Minister Mr. Mike Jeremiah prays with the basketball team before their game.

Mr. Michael Jeremiah has been here at BSM for years, and he has seen BSM change and evolve throughout the years. He has seen the school at its best and at its worse. For him BSM is like a family, throughout all this time and various changes. 

KE: What keeps us together during times of struggle and difficulty?

MJ: I think one of the most important things that keeps us together and gets us through those times is our faith, knowing that God is with us. There is real strength in that. Since we truly are more like family here at BSM, we operate like a family . . . we may not always agree with one another, but we still support and care.

KE: How can we stay a family during times of difficulty?

MJ: By realizing that we are more than the issues and problems we face . . . we hold the belief that we are all children of God who are destined for more than this world has to offer. Knowing those things, we can overcome all things.

KE: What have been some recent problems in the BSM community?

MJ: Our BSM community is many times a reflection of what is happening in the broader society. We are at a difficult time in our country . . . there is so much anger and disagreement and people just don’t seem to be able to talk to each other any more. That can also be reflected in our community as it was last year after the election. Students on one side of the issue were unwilling to talk to or listen to students on the other side.

One of the major things we faced was in December of 2011 when Jack Jablonski was injured in a hockey accident. This was not just something that touched the BSM community but truly touched people in all parts of the state, the country and even the world. It was a time when so many people came together.

KE: What have you observed about BSM the past 40 years you’ve been working here?  

MJ: We have experienced some very difficult times over the many years that I’ve been here at BSM. One important thing that I’ve observed and tried to teach over the years is that we cannot dwell on differences or those things that make us different. Dwelling on differences can keep us divided and apart. Instead, we need to concentrate on those things that we have in common. There are many more things that make us alike than make us different.

KE: What type of things can teachers do to help students during difficult times?

MJ: I think just being available to talk and letting students know that they care. We also need to be messengers of hope, letting people know that, regardless of what we might be facing, there is always hope for a better day.

KE: What do you tell students who are having trouble dealing with hardships?

MJ: As I mentioned above, I try to help kids to remain hopeful . . . to know that Someone far greater than us is in control and He will take care of us . . . to know that it’s important to remember that with God all things are possible . . . with Him, we can do all things.