Senior girls continue tradition of making overalls

Senior girls cheer at a pep fest in their overalls.

Emma Paquette

Senior girls cheer at a pep fest in their overalls.

Each year, the girls of the senior class decorate overalls to wear during homecoming week and throughout the year on various spirit days. This tradition has been going on for many years, and it is one of the many ways the senior class shows off their school spirit.

Some girls dedicate hours making their overalls, with a special eye for detail. “My overalls took me about seven hours to complete, but I could have spent longer,” senior Sarah Hansberry said.

The overalls this year consisted of a lot of red and white, glitter and feathers, and creative handwriting spelling out words like ‘Seniors’ or ‘Class of 2018’. Many girls were complimented on their neat and well-designed overalls; however, there were a couple people whose overalls stood out for other reasons.

Claire Grazzini took hers in a completely different direction––she wore knee-length overalls, making sure to stay in BSM’s dress code. Grazzini found her unique short-alls this summer for just 17 dollars at Ragstock. “I just wanted to be different and go against the crowd. Plus I just really don’t like pants, and it was less work,” Grazzini said. 

After the many hours and late nights, Tenley Gage still felt as though something was missing on her overalls. “I really enjoyed making my overalls because it got me thinking what I wanted to show people about myself. I took a minute to think about what I should do to the back and realized I wanted the people around to be a part of them as well,” Gage said.

To preserve memories of the senior class, Gage took it upon herself to have as many seniors as she could sign her overalls. During the school day, Gage carried around a sharpie with her to every class and would ask students to sign her overalls. She estimates that about 100 to 150 classmates signed her overalls. “These overalls are like a letter jacket, something I’ll keep forever and reminisce about when I’m 40 or something,” Gage said.