BSM football players receive interest from college football programs

Some BSM football players are on the radars of many collegiate programs, and some have even received offers.


Morgan Williams

Senior Braeden Fitzgerald is one football player garnering interest from collegiate programs.

Some Red Knight football players have seen interest from many college programs, and some players even have offers.

Senior Ikenna Ujuagu holds the only Division One offer on the Red Knight football team, from Indiana State, and he is hoping more schools reach out. “I’m hoping for more once the season is over,” Ujuagu, who currently holds interest from Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota State, Wyoming, and many others,  said.

Ujuagu wants to play college football and enjoys the process of being recruited. “I have a driving desire to play on the big screen one day, that’s one of the reasons I work so hard in the weight room and football practice,” Ujuagu said.

His constant training includes workouts with Coach Joe Creer and Breion Creer that include lifting, flexibility, speed, and strength. “I do my own training at home, and in the spring, I’ll be training with more people,” Ujuagu said. 

Senior Braeden Fitzgerald is also being recruited to play football in college. Fitzgerald holds high interest from Carnegie Mellon and Washington University in St. Louis. He also took two visits: one to Yale, and the other to Indiana University, where his dad was an All-American football player. The Red Knight’s FAST off-season program has helped Braeden stay in shape as well as he looks to continue his success on the field. “[Being recruited] is kind of nerve racking,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald, who’s dealing with four pinched nerves in his neck, isn’t sure if he will pursue college football. “There might be a point where you’re like, ‘Let’s hang it up,’” Fitzgerald said.

John Whitmore is in his junior season, and he has a growing list of interested colleges. With a strong desire to play college football, he holds interest from NDSU, SDSU, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, Harvard, Princeton, and South Dakota. He has visited North Dakota State and plans on visiting Minnesota and South Dakota State in the upcoming weeks. “It’s interesting because you get to see all the colleges and campuses, but its stressful too because you’re under a lot of pressure,” Whitmore, who also participates in the FAST program and works out with a trainer before school to perfect his craft, said. 

It’s interesting because you get to see all the colleges and campuses, but its stressful too because you’re under a lot of pressure.

— John Whitmore

Senior Liam Ford looks to garner more offers after an inspiring State championship game performance during his junior season. Ford holds interest from a multitude of schools including Montana State, South Dakota, North Dakota, NDSU, SDSU, and various Division 2 schools. “I think if one of the North Dakota schools or Montana offers, I will probably go out there, but that’s about it. I would like to play for a team that has a history of winning,” Ford said.

Ford trained during the off-season by attending football camps at Iowa, NDSU, Wisconsin, and Northwestern; however, he won’t be making any decisions during the season about collegiate football. “I will be taking visits but usually coaches reach out a lot more after the season,” Ford said.