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Anna Jewett

Mary Hoyt and Carson Jacobsen are bringing piggyback.

Mary Hoyt and Carson Jacobsen

Knight Errant: How long have the two of you been dating?

Carson Jacobsen: 10 months? 11 months?

Mary Hoyt: 10.

KE: That’s impressive! How did you meet?

CJ: We started talking a lot the beginning of sophomore year, and we started Snapchatting a lot.

KE: So you would say that Snapchat was your vehicle to love?

MH: Yeah, Snapchat.

KE: What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

CJ: I think she’s funny, and she likes to have fun.

MH: When there’s a joke, he adds on to it. It just keeps going.

KE: What celebrity couple are you most like?

MH: Who is Blake Lively married to? Oh, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

CJ: I don’t even know who Blake Lively is. Is it a boy or a girl?

KE: What animal describes your relationship?

MH:  A weird animal, like a walrus.

KE: What is the main thing you fight over?

CJ: Who drives.

MH: No. Well, yeah. It’s more of an argument, not a fight, though.

KE: What is your restaurant of choice for a date?

MH and CJ: (in unison) Noodles.

KE: What was your worst date?

CJ: One time we went out for sushi right after we got in a fight and we didn’t talk the whole time. I just sat there watching basketball and it was really awkward.

MH: Yeah, and it was like 50 bucks too.

KE: Who paid for it?

MH: I did.

CJ: But I pay for ever other [meal]. She was like, “I want to pay for one.”

KE: What do your parents think of your significant other?

MH: My parents like him.

CJ: My parents like her.

KE: Who settled in this relationship?

CJ: I don’t think either of us really settled. I haven’t thought that I could do any better than her.

KE: Do you think that your significant other is the “one”?

MH: I don’t know, I have no clue.

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