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Caroline Murphy

Mark Racchini third-wheels yet again on senior couple Gracey Scott and Carston Swenson.

Carston Swenson and Gracey Scott

Knight Errant: How long have you been dating?

Gracey Scott: Almost two months.

KE: How did you meet?

Carston Swenson: Gosh how did we meet?

GS: We had AP Gov together then nonfiction writing. Our first conversation snap was about how much Maria Satre knew about Harry Potter.

CS: I snapped her first.

KE: What’s your favorite thing about each other?

GS: His political ideologies, and he won the State championship.

CS: Political ideologies.

KE: What celebrity couple are you most like?

GS: Dwight and Angela from “The Office.”

KE: What animal describes your relationship?

CS: A gorilla or a seahorse.

GS: Let’s go with a seahorse. No, a donkey.

KE: What is the main thing you fight over?

CS: She gets in really sassy moods.

GS: He always makes fun of me.

KE: What is your restaurant of choice for a date?

CS: Punch Pizza.

KE: What was worst date?

GS: One time my car broke down in the middle of a parking lot, and we had to wait until 11:30.

KE: What do your parents think of your S.O.?

CS: They like her a lot.

GS: My mom and my sisters love him.

KE: Who settled in this relationship?

GS: I think that all of BSM knows who settled.

CS: Me.

KE: Do you think your S.O. is the “one”?

CS: This is a big question. Um. This is deep. The one? We’ve only been dating. There’s more to learn.

KE: Who third-wheels your relationship the most?

GS: Mark Racchini.

CS: I got to agree. Mark.

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