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Anna Jewett

Senior Will Hodder is ready to take you downtown to see “pretty sights.”

Will Hodder

Knight Errant: What’s your best quality?

Will Hodder: Honesty.

KE: Why?

WH: I think it’s really important for a relationship, and I’ve been told I possess it. I think a lot of people nowadays like to pat stuff down and they’re scared to tell the truth. I’m in savage mode 24/7 all day, every day… But I’m also in lovable mode—I’ll share my love too…I’ll feel how I want to feel and I’ll display that emotion.

KE: What would make you a good boyfriend?

WH: I’m adventurous, even when times are tough. Free Willy will be there for my significant other.

KE: What’s your favorite romantic comedy?

WH: The Notebook. It’s really an emotional rollercoaster, I’d say.

KE: Who is your BSM crush?

WH: Frida.

KE: What’s your ideal date with your significant other?

WH: I’d have to say skydiving my way into a carriage, which we will ride through downtown.

KE: That’s elaborate. What would you do downtown?

WH: We’d enjoy the pretty sights.

KE: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

WH: When people don’t use their turn signal.

KE: What song relates best to your love life?

WH: Fergalicious by Fergie.

KE: What Disney princess are you most similar to?

WH: Snow White. I felt a connection with her since day one.

KE: I feel like Snow White is the princess who goes unnoticed. Why her?

WH: I mean you have Ariel who gets a lot of love, and Cinderella obviously with the glass shoe. I think Snow White is a sleeper. I relate to that.

KE: What is most important in a significant other?

WH: Soccer skills.

KE: Does Frida have those soccer skills?

WH: Duh.

KE: What’s 9 + 10?

WH: That’s 21 though. That’s obvious. Wow.

KE: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

WH: I’d like to say it’s an honor to be the bachelor. Hit me up, ladies.

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