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Anna Jewett

Walker Niebergall remains a bachelor as he waits for senior Laura Deutz to reciprocate his love.

Walker Niebergall

Knight Errant: What’s your best quality?

Walker Niebergall: I’m really good at origami—the ladies love them.

KE: What would make you a good boyfriend/girlfriend?

WN: I live with four girls. I guess you could call them my sisters. I respect women.

KE: What’s your favorite rom-com?

WN: The Notebook.

KE: Who’s your senior crush?

WN: Laura Deutz.

KE: What’s your ideal date?

WN: One with Laura.

KE: What is most important in a possible significant other?

WN: Someone that looks like Laura.

KE: What’s your pet peeve?

WN: Someone that isn’t loyal. Yeah.

KE: What song relates best to your love life?

WN: Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes.

KE: What Disney princess are you most similar to?

WN: Fiona from Shrek.

KE: Who is your freshman crush?

WN: Jacinda Smith because she once told me she liked my style.

KE: Best pickup line?

WN: Whenever I’m in Wisconsin, I say “Hi, I’m from Minnesota.” That usually works.

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